Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ten ideas to increase your property value By Boman Rustom Irani

Most people tend to obsess over the price of their homes and the last few years have not really been easy on anyone owning a residential property. The prices of property have fallen since the recession of 2008 followed by the subsequent economic uncertainty. However, in the current times, most people are apprehensive of taking a step into real estate investment. This also explains the reason why most people now choose to simply improve their homes. However, there is a wide array of choices in home improvements and some of them are worth considering.
Most people do not realize the impact that flooring has on the appearance of the house and how a proper change of flooring can improve the value of your home. There are different types of flooring available and you can choose one that suits your needs as well as those of your home.
Windows help in making your homes energy-efficient by ensuring that the heat does not escape easily. Choosing an aesthetic design and a strategic location not only improves the beauty and value of the property but also provides other benefits like flow of light and maintaining temperature.
Refurbishing the Master Bedroom
The master bedroom is unanimously taken as one of the centerpieces of the house. Therefore, there is no surprise that anyone showing interest in your property will want to have a look at the master bedroom particularly. This makes it almost essential to revitalize the room with correct lighting and overall ambience.
New Shower
Studies have pointed out that showers with lower amounts of water pressure are quite underwhelming. Although it does not imply that you must install a new shower altogether, the least you can do is to purchase and install a pump to improve the pressure.
Loft Conversions
Other surveys have shown that converting lofts is one of the best known techniques of boosting the price of your property. The survey states that most real estate agents were of the opinion that increasing the living space does bring up the value of the property.

Increasing energy efficiency

Recently it has been all over the news that increasing cost of electricity consumption has been troubling people all over the world. Taking this into consideration, it makes complete sense to try and ensure that your house is relatively energy efficient. There are many websites freely giving out environmentally-friendly measures of doing so.

Adding a Skylight
Skylights are a common addition to lofts and are also highly popular. At fairly economical rates skylights can add just the right amount of light to your gloomy lofts.

Kitchen Appliances
Although this does not seem like a priority when you want to sell off your house, you might want to consider upgrading your kitchen appliances. Standing in a high-tech kitchen adds to the visual appeal making it even more attractive to your potential buyers.

Having an original fireplace in your house attracts buyers like a magnet, but it requires you to make the most of it. Although a fireplace in itself adds to the value of the property, an ill-maintained one gives the impression that the house is not well-looked after. Keep it clean and tidy and you could make it the focal point of your home.

Lightings have a major effect on the overall appearance and the ambience of a house. So last, but not the least, you must consider putting in new lighting to make the most of your home. Dimmable lighting particularly have a transformative impact on the entire atmosphere – By Boman Rustom Irani.

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